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A new era of work has begun. Around the world, individuals and companies are questioning how we do business—not just questioning, but reinventing. Simultaneously, artificial intelligence has been evolving at an unthinkable pace, enabling us to further automate mundane tasks, analyze big amounts of data, predict more accurately, and effectively allocate resources.

DIGITTY was conceived in this intersection, where the new era of business and the power of AI meet, as a way to transform project management and rethink the future of work.


AI for Project Management

DIGITTY enables project managers to predict, plan, and problem solve with new speed and precision. This freedom allows project managers to focus on innovation, creativity, and critical thinking.

Imagine if you could create a complex quote from just an email.
Imagine if you could delegate hundreds of tasks in just a few clicks.
Imagine if you could predict project pitfalls without thinking.


We are a Berlin-based deep tech company. We have built a new solution for project management based on our personal experience in the field, as well as our team’s strength in artificial intelligence. We call what we do collective intelligence as it leverages human experience and machine power. At DIGITTY, we believe that the right data at the right time can streamline delivery and free project managers to concentrate on the bigger picture: creativity, innovation and critical thinking. This is just the beginning.

We look forward to redefining the future of work together.


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Ajit Jaokar CAIO
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Stephan Wirsich Co-Founder & CDO
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Sebastian Britz Co-Founder & CEO

After years in digital project and product management, Stephan Wirsich and Sebastian Britz founded DIGITTY based on the simple idea that there must be a better way. They teamed up with the brilliant london-based Ajit Joakar to begin solving the many pitfalls and problems of project management using artificial intelligence. The goal has always been more successful project delivery and increased happiness on behalf of all project stakeholders.

Whether you are a superhero in a specific field of AI or a business maverick interested in redefining the way we work — we are actively looking for partners and new talent.

Senior Data Engineer (m/f/d)

Sales Manager (m/f/d)

Backend developer (m/f/d)