Networked ecosystem of talents, high quality technical solutions & resources paired with augmented intelligence is a software development platform that caters to the digitalization needs of companies of all shapes and sizes. Our smart project management solution uses augmented intelligence to support decision-making processes and enables teams to excel in their specific tasks throughout the entire project life cycle. works with the top 5 % of developers from all over the world; and access to our community of pre-vetted tech talent opens up new possibilities for our clients in a world where qualified experts are becoming an increasingly scarce resource.

Our Vision
Accelerating digitalization through innovation

We are creating an innovative ecosystem of synergistic products and solutions in the software development, education, legal and SaaS spaces that serve as an end-to-end solution for companies.

We strongly believe in sustainable behaviours, communities, as well as gender and cross-border equality in the workplace.

We strive to promote free education and inclusive work practices, while becoming the largest workforce marketplace in the world.



Global economy increasingly dominated by a handful of tech companies

Rise of the middle class consumers and growth of emerging economies

Western societies adopting more conservative immigration policies

Enormous demand for high data protection and quality standards

Workforce moving to a freelance economy

Our Solution
Smart Project Management

Our platform connects pre-vetted talents from all over the world with companies looking to develop cutting-edge software.

By streamlining the entire project management process and using smart technologies, our platform delivers maintainable high-end solutions, fulfilling only the highest standards of qualitydata and intellectual property protection before, during and after the project.

Sebastian Britz
CO-Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur, with 14+ years of experience in Business Development and Management with a focus on (I)IoT and Platform Solutions; and 7 years of experience in the field of law. As well as being a Start-up advisor and venture capitalist for impact investments, Sebastian also has an international network of group management boards.