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Artificial Intelligence

Our why

Through simbiosis of tech intelligence and human touch, we will build the most unbiased and comprehensive knowledge database of business processes solutions to kill complexity and uncertainty

Key Features

The DIGITTY difference in Project Management

Our AI de-risks every success critical element of a project along its entire lifecycle


5 minute project estimate


Tech recommendation, smart resources matching, deliverables, budget & due dates


Project assistance, task automation, actionable insights


Budget & time forecasts, predicitive analytics, pro-active conflict resolution, holistic & nano view


Reporting, technical due diligence

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Limited Offer - Early Access

The right AI algorithm can give your company a competitive advantage - better still when the algorithm is tailored to your exact requirements.

As part of this early adopter program, for a select few customers, we offer the ability to develop custom algorithms as part of the early access package.

Working with our world renowned data science team lead by Prof. Ajit Jaokar, Dr. Amita Kapoor and others, we offer you a chance to create a unique competitive advantage for your company.

There are three ways you could create custom algorithms: by considering exact inputs, by working on the logic and by using specific datasets to train the algorithms.

Once it is tailored to your requirements, the model improves with each iteration.



  • For small project teams of up to 5 people

  • Create up to 2 active projects

Start your free trial period, and book your appointment to get started with your first project.

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  • For medium project teams of up to 10 people

  • Create up to 6 active projects

And many more enhanced features to come



Agency Basic

Our Basic Package specifically made for Agencies



Agency Premium

Our Premium Package especifically made for Agencies